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Buying a Home

Step 4:  Negotiating and Closing

Once you find that home you have been dreaming of there are several important steps that we will help you with.  These steps include:

  • Negotiating a price.  The listing price of a home isn’t always what you should pay.  Sellers may be willing to consider a lower price, offer concessions to pay for items such as closing costs, or pay for an extended home warranty.  Negotiating the best price is one of the biggest areas that you can benefit from the experience of Savoie Realty.
  • Getting an appraisal and home inspection.  Sometimes a home that looks great at first glance may have less obvious issues that could affect your purchase decision.  Home inspectors will carefully study a home for electrical safety, plumbing, roof conditions, siding and termites.  To read more about home inspections click here.
  • Obtaining Insurance.  Living in southern Louisiana makes getting private placement insurance a difficult task.  We will help you make sure you find the best coverage available to meet your needs.
  • Finding a good closing agent.  Having a title search and closing done properly is a critical piece of the puzzle since property records can sometimes date back hundreds of years and title defects or liens are not always easy to find. 

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